SKYTRAX Rates LATAM with The Highest Score Achieved in South America –

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SKYTRAX Rates LATAM with The Highest Score Achieved in South America

LATAM Airlines Group has recognized by Skytrax, the airline industry’s leading accreditation organization for COVID-19 safe travel, obtaining a 4-star rating, making LATAM is the only airline in South America that has obtained this category.

In a press release, the Chilean carrier announced this recognition, demonstrating its leadership in the Latin American aviation market.

This standard is recognized globally as a reference framework in aviation, using a quality scale between 1 to 5 stars, based on the evaluation of products and services both onboard and at airports. Currently, 29 airlines in the world have received this certification.

The 4-star COVID-19 rating distinguishes strong hygiene and security measures at airports that include elements of contactless technology, customer management and social distancing protocols during check-in, boarding and arrival at destination.

The COVID-19 safety audit was applied by Skytrax in April 2021, evaluating all the safety and hygiene protocols introduced by LATAM during the COVID-19 health crisis to improve the safety of the client and their workers.

The qualification evaluates the facilities and the service to determine how effective and consistent the procedures have been implemented, both at the airport and onboard, the cleaning procedures, the disinfection procedures, the use of personal safety elements (PPE’s), signage and information, social distancing app, hand sanitizer facilities, public address guidance, organization and control of passenger flows, application of masks and adapted service at the airport and onboard.

LATAM Airlines Group has cooperated with airport operators in many countries to ensure that their COVID-19 security measures are well communicated to passengers and that social distancing and one-way movement systems are in place.

Where necessary, LATAM has introduced signage and increased the number and visibility of hand sanitizing stations.

In addition, the 4-star rating obtained by LATAM recognizes airline VIP lounges with consistent cleaning procedures; measures established for social distancing and safe food and beverage delivery systems; good quality onboard cleaning and cabins with UV disinfection techniques, along with scientifically evaluated disinfection procedures; and catering services that are adapted according to the COVID-19 contingency, with reduced contact and improved food safety measures for the presentation of meals.

LATAM Airlines Group has a large presence in the Latin American travel market and has generated a COVID-19 travel security system based on a variety of global standards and aligned with the indications of the governments where it operates.

With that global network, we are impressed with the consistency achieved in terms of safe handling for passengers at each airport, and similarly, the improved procedures for disinfecting their spaces at airports and onboard are also highly praised.

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