Cubana Suspends Buenos Aires, Gets Suspended From IATA’s BSP –

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Cubana Suspends Buenos Aires, Gets Suspended From IATA’s BSP

The national flag carrier of Cuba, Cubana de Aviación, announced via Facebook that it would suspend flights from Havana to Buenos Aires, Argentina. According to the post, the cessation of service is due to the current health situation stemming from Covid-19 and also mentioned a continuing measure to “restrict passenger quotas.”

Argentina flights will not operate out of Cuba from October 2021 until mid-November 2021. Flights are tentatively scheduled to resume on Nov. 20, 2021, from Havana, using flight number CU360, flights out of Buenos Aires back to Havana will resume on Nov. 22, 2021, using the flight number CU22. Passengers that are booked on an affected flight are urged to contact the airline to change their itinerary.

It is currently unclear which routes Cubana actually does operate at this point in time as the website only shows Bogota and Mexico City, but the search engine shows at least 20-cities although none produce flight options. When we reached out to the carrier via Facebook messenger which routes it currently flies, they responded with just the thumbs-up emoji.

IATA, or the International Air Transport Association, was actually created in Havana, Cuba in 1945 and the airline was one of the founding members. The ‘BSP’ or ‘Billing Settlement Plan’, is an electronic system that is used to make it easier to shift money between airlines, agencies, and travel agents. The BSP makes it easier for not only money, but data to go between the airlines and other parties that book flights for people.

According to the ACTA, Association of Canadian Travel Agencies, they said that Cubana de Aviacion “has been suspended from BSP Spain due to the impossibility for our Clearing Bank to provide services to Cubana de Aviacion, as a consequence of United States economic sanctions“.

The airline then posted on its Facebook page that “The bank that files the compensations has informed that it can’t continue due to the American embargo. This suspension doesn’t hold us from honoring the contractual compromises we have with our clients. The airline will adjust its commercial strategies in the market“. Cubana mentioned again at the end of the post that, “This measure doesn’t prevent the honour of commitments made to customers. The Company adjusts its trade strategies in the market.”

Flights and scheduled are subject to change.

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