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Aviacionline and AirlineGeeks Join Forces to Deliver Exceptional Aviation Reporting

Argentina-based Aviacionline and U.S.-based AirlineGeeks announced on Monday a new collaborative and simplified approach toward delivering top-notch aviation news coverage. Beginning in October, the two outlets will grow and strengthen their syndication partnership, offering exclusive, round-the-clock content in both English and Spanish languages. 

As leaders in aviation industry reporting, both Aviacionline and AirlineGeeks maintain strong footholds in their respective markets. A hardened partnership will cement an already positive relationship between the two companies; starting in 2020, readers began seeing syndicated cross-posting on the respective publications.

This new partnership will include reader-friendly initiatives, such as…

  • Simple and straightforward. Ease-of-access to a variety of exclusive and news-related content on both Aviacionline.com and AirlineGeeks.com from the talent of both teams. 
  • Brands that stay the same. There are no plans to change any branding for either company initially. AirlineGeeks will join the Aviacionline network of publications, which will include modest additions to the company’s logo placement. 
  • Capturing two languages. Aviacionline will continue delivering its leading Spanish-speaking content, while AirlineGeeks will grow its English news content. AirlineGeeks.com will serve as a second stream of Aviacionline’s English feed, featuring both exclusive content and more top news stories.

“It is a fantastic opportunity for reciprocal growth. We look forward to delivering the best content to our readers through a high-quality channel like AirlineGeeks, “ said Pablo Diaz, Founder of Aviacionline. 

“Partnering with a U.S.-based media outlet was a natural step for Aviacionline, and we are confident that we have found in AirlineGeeks the ideal complement to provide our readers with a new kind of content,” said Edgardo Gimenez Mazó, Co-Founder and Product Manager at Aviacionline.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Aviacionline as we continue to broaden and improve the content we offer to our readers. It’s a rare opportunity to combine two first-class teams,” said Parker Davis, Editor-in-Chief at AirlineGeeks. 

This enhanced partnership establishes both companies as even more dominant players in both English and Spanish speaking markets. Both companies will regularly evaluate the partnership’s progress, capitalizing on each other’s resources in the reader’s interest.

  • AirlineGeeks.com began in February, 2013 as a one-man (er… teenager, rather) show. Since then, we’ve grown to have 20 active team members, and yes, we’re still growing. Some of us are looking to work in the aviation industry as professionals when we grow older. Some of us are still trying to decide what we want to do. That’s okay though, because we’re all here for the same reason: we love the airlines. We’re the youngest team of airline industry journalists out there.

  • Born in Argentina, with a regional focus and global reach, Aviacionline is the Spanish-speaking leader in Latin America.

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